utf8 E-ATV Application QSMOTOR 72V 90KPH Top speed

E-ATV Application QSMOTOR 12*5.0inch 5000W V4 72V 90kph 2wd Single Shaft Hub Motor With EM200-2SP Controller Kits

Price:US $1754.46/piece
Production Period:13~14 working days

E-ATV Application QSMOTOR 12*5.0inch 5000W V4 72V 90kph 2wd Single Shaft Hub Motor With EM200-2SP Controller Kits


For 260 5000W V4 motor kits, it could be used for electric car, which could be 72V 90KPH.

e.g. Electric ATV car

E-motorcycle weight, approx 600kg+1*100kg

Speed: peak 90km/h

Climbing slope: 12 degree@700kg

Battery: 72V200Ah

Tire Diameter: 0.66m


One kit including below kits

1.2pcs X QSMOTOR 12*5.0inch 5000W V4 electric wheel hub motor

2.2pcs X EM200-2sp sine wave controller with CAN BUS

3.1pcs X XE-8 speedometer

4.1pcs X 0-5V Electric Car Throttle Pedal

5.1pcs X DNR gear switch

6.1pcs X 04 Dayang 1 tow 2 Hydraulic Disc brake system


Key Features

1). Simplify to make a electric-car. Gearbox, transmission shaft, clutch are no need. Which save space.

2). It could be installed in wheels, and easy to be hybrid car.

4). Easily to make 4-wheel drive, which could spot turn. 

5). Support regenerative braking

6). High efficiency: 85~92%

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Product Description


1. General Specification


Dimension Drawing



Test Report:



2. EM200-2SP sinusoidal wave BLDC motor controller, with CAN BUS


Dimension Drawing:


Wiring diagram:


3. X8-E Speedometer


Place of Origin: China(Mainland)  

 Model Number: X8-E

 Application: Electric Car, EV  

 Rated Voltage:48V-96V

 Work voltage: 0-120V

 Programmable items: voltage, trip, time, background light 

 Show Time, driving distance, speed, voltage, electric quantity

 Test Speed Type: Hall Sensor

 Net weight: 0.57kg

 Size: 205mm*103mm*67mm

 Packing size: 220mm*160mm*100mm

PS:We don't provide female and male waterproof connectors, pins for as below picture as default.

 It will cost extra USD3.0/set for unit speedometer.



4. 0.8-4.2V Electric Car Throttle Pedal


Hall type: JKH mode

Input voltage: 5V 12V 15V 24V 36V 48V 60V 72V 84V 96V 120V

Output voltage: 0.8V-4.2V

Default: Three wires out(cannot connect with switch), 4.2v input voltage. 0.8-4.2v output voltage.


5. DNR gear switch


Include D N R three gears and light, suitable for electric tricycle and car.


6. 1 tow 2 Hydraulic Disc brake system


One main master cylinder with two calipers

Dayang caliper with mechanical parking brake (in grey), 38mm plunger, pitch of mounting 80 & 103mm  

Foot brake master cylinder

Hoses 220cm + 80cm X2

Mechanical parking brake cable 95cm + 2 x 115cm

220mm disc brake plate and screws (PCD 3*80mm, CB58mm, thickness 4mm)

Without brake oil


N.W. 4.78kg (Without brake disc)

ATV Application


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