utf8 QS Motor 205 50H V3 Electric high power bicycle kit / E bike kit / spoke 3000W Powerful Hub Motor Ki

QS Motor 205 50H V3 Electric high power bicycle kit / E bike kit / spoke 3000W Powerful Hub Motor Kit with TFT H6 speedometer

Price:US $924.35/piece
Production Period:18-20 Business days
  • QS 1.60X19inch 3000W 205 Electric Bicycle bike ebike Wheel Motor Conversion Kit
  • SVMC72150 Controller
  • QS 205 3Kw V3 E-Bike Spoke Hub Motor
  • Wuxing Aluminum 2.2cm electric bike brake levers
  • 16T Single Shaft Freewheel
  • Full Twist Throttle With Voltage Display And Ignition

QS 205 50H 3KW V3 E-Bike Spoke Hub Motor conversion kits



For 205 3000W V3 electric spoke hub motor assembly kit, it could be used for high power electric bike, which could be 72V 100KPH.

e.g. Electric high power bicycle

E-bike weight, approx 47kg+80kg

Tire model: 2.50-19

Speed: 72V 80km/h

Climbing slope: 25°@127kg

Battery: 72V40h lithium battery


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One set including below kits


1. 1pc X QSMOTOR 3000W 205 50H V3 electric spoke hub Motor

2. 1pc X Motor Spacer

3. 1pc X 16T single speed Freewheel

4. 1set X 19X1.6inch moped front wheel and 19X1.6inch rear wheel(Spoke color optional, silver/black)

4. 1pc X Sabvoton 72150 controller (customized for TFT speedometer) with bluetooth adapter

5. 1pc X H6 speedometer

6. 1pc X Half Twist Throttle

7. 1pc X Thumb Throttle

8. 1pc X Bicycle disc brake assembly

9. 1pc X DC DC converter 72v to 12V 10A

10.1pc X PAS



Key Features


1. QS Motor with high quality and service.

2. Sine Wave controller, Bluetooth wireless connection are optional, Highest Reliability!

3. Parameter Programmable

4. Higher Torque & Higher Efficiency

5. No noisy

6. Temperature sensor inside and Lower overheating

7. Regenerative braking



Product description


1. QSMOTOR 3000W 205 50H V3 electric spoke hub Motor


Genearlly specification


·Motor Type: BLDC Permanent Magnet Outer Rotor In-Wheel Hub Motor With Hall Sensor

·Brand: QS Motor/QS Driver

·Motor Design: Double axle without rim, with spokes

·Matched Wheel: 24inch, 26inch E-Bike Wheel, 17inch, 18inch, 19inch Moped wheel.

·Stator: Aluminmum Core

·Rated Power: 3000W (6000kW peak in few seconds) 

·Rated Voltage: 72V

·Speed: 650RPM/820RPM no load, approx 70km/h  

·kV: 9.0kV/11.6kV

·Max Torque: approx 185N.m

·Max Efficiency: Approx 91%

·Continuous Battery Current: 44A (72V)

·Peak Battery Current: 100~150A (72V)

·Suggest Peak Phase Current: 240A

·Thermic Probe: KTY83/122 (as default, optional)

·Working Temperature: 70-120℃ , peak 150 ℃ 

·Brake type: Bike Disc brake, PCD6*44mm(as default)

·Drop-outs/Rear Fork Width for installation: 150mm

·14mm english thread length for single/3 speed freewheel

·10mm axle flats

·Dual Hall Set with waterproof connectors

·10mm² Cross Section of Phase Wire (not include insulation layer)

·Hall Sensor Phasing angle: 120 degree

·Waterproof Grade: IP54

·Color: Black 

·N.W./G.W.: approx 12.5/14.0kg (TBD)  

·Package Dimension: 34cm*34cm*33cm/piece  




Dimension Drawing




Power train test report:




2. Motor Spacer


To protect motor phase wire


spacer 1000×1000


3. Freewheel


1. Single speed 1/2*3/32*16T, only 16T is available now

2. Black

3. English System Thread

4. Suit for QS Spoke Motor (English Thread)



3. 19X1.6inch moped front wheel 


1.60X19inch 2 Cross Pattern Moped Front Wheel Set

32X10G Spoke, silver color (Black color optional) (Iron with zinc coat)

32 holes, 110mm dropouts, black



1.60X19inch 1 Cross Pattern Moped Rear Wheel Set


36X10G Spoke, silver color (Black color optional) (Iron with zinc coat)

QS 3000W 205 50H Hub Motor, 36 holes, 150mm dropouts, black (not include motor) 


19x1.6 Black


5. Sabvoton 72150 motor controller (customized for H6 speedometer) 


1). Sine wave controller, programmable, with regen function

2). DC Current Limit: 150A

3). Max. Phase Current: 350A

4). Protect Phase Current: 450A

5). Battery Voltage: 24V-72V rated, Max. 95V

6). Including one controller

7). Controller size: 247mm*146mm*62mm

8). Net weight: 2.2kg

9). Default including bluetooth adapter.

10). Default function: Hall, Throttle, Electric brake, High Brake Level, speed switch...

11). Special functions: Waterproof

PS. Please note there is no temp sensor for motor.




6. TFT H6 color speedometer display


· 3.2 inch color TFT screen

· 48V/60V/72V power supply

· Shutdown leakage current <1Ua

· Supply controller terminal operating current 100mA

· Normal operating temperature of the instrument -20~65°C




1. Battery display: 5 segments of power indication, the voltage value of each segment can be set according to customer requirements;

2. Speed mode: real-time speed RT SPEED, maximum speed MAX SPEED, average speed AVG SPEED;

3. Speed display: display range 00.0. ~ 99.9, unit Km / h km per hour, MPH miles per hour;

4. Assist gear position: 0~9 files, of which 0 gear is neutral and no boost, 1~9 corresponds to boost gear, and P is displayed in 6Km push mode;

5. Headlight display: displayed when the headlights are on;

6. Motor temperature: monitor motor temperature in real time;

7. Mileage mode: cumulative mileage ODO, single mileage Trip

8. WH.KM: The controller power consumption ,wh/km 

9. Motor temperature.

10. Regen Ah: Cumulative Ah while controller in regen mode .

11. Clock: Built-in battery, user set up;

12. Clock: Built-in battery, user set the year, month, day, hour, minute and second.







6. Half Twist Throttle with 3 speed toggle switch 




7. Thumb Throttle for 0-5V variable regen brake


It could be mounted in left hand



8. Bicycle disc brake assembly


Electric bicycle forged aluminum hydraulic disc brake system assembly

1. Model: 152PYD+BS152

2. Including 2pcs 203mm plate, PCD6*44mm, 2mm thickness

3. The length of oil of both front and rear can be customized according to your e-bike(900mm for front, 1600mm for rear as default)

4. Callipers: double-piston 2*21mm

5. Installing Distance of front tire: 74mm(as default) or 51mm

6. Installing distance of rear tire: 51mm

7. Wiring: two core wiring

8. Materials: Caliper/Lever Forged aluminum, Bracket: Cast aluminum

9. Current: 1A (max)




10. DC DC converter


72V to 12V, 10A



Please noted:


Optional appearance, drawing, performance curve/test report are available. 

If you need more technical information, please feel free to contact us.

We will give you reply in 12hours.



Application for QS 205 3000W 205 V3 electric spoke hub Motor


205 spoke motor 750×750

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