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QS Motor 800W 205 27H V1 E-bike Spoke Hub Motor

Price:US $100.00/piece
Production Period:12~13 working days

QS Motor 800W 205 27H V1 E-bike Spoke Hub Motor  

When placing order, pls. advise below points as detailed as possible.

1. E-bike or E-scooter, tire model?
2. Voltage and wattage of motor, Speed, and torque/climb angle ? 
3. Your vehicle weight and loading weight? 
4. Lithium or lead-acid Battery?

Thank you for your cooperation.

² Motor Spec 

QS 800W 205 (28H) E-bike Spoke Normal/V1 Type Hub Motor

More pictures of motor: 


²Controller Suggestion

The power of controller should ≥ power of motor.

For 205 800W motor(rated speed 30-45km/h), you could choose 33-35A(limited current) controller. 

Square Wave Controller: Kelly Controller KBS48121.

Sine wave controller: HY Controller 48v35A


²Motor Design of inner configuration

There are three types, Normal/V1 type (low cost), Export/V2 type (Cost-effective) and Extra/V3 type (Best Performance).


1. Comparison between V1 and V2.

Holder: Iron(V1), Aluminum (V2) Hall: One hall with Normal connector(V1), Two halls with Waterproof connector(V2) Stator: V2 have a stronger configuration, more cooper, thicker section surface, energy saving in usage. Magnetic Steel Grade: V2 ≥ V1 Efficiency:  84~87%(V1) 86~88%(V2) In short, normal type is standard configuration, while export type is high configuration. The price differs because of the cost of raw materials.

 2. Comparison between V2 and V3.

The raw materials are alike, main difference in inner construction. For V3 (16 Pole Pairs):  stronger configuration than V2, wider lamination, more cooper wire/phase wire and thicker Cross-sectional area section,  bear more current in usage. Magentic Steel: V3 is wider and thicker.  Efficiency:  86~88%(V2) 88~92%(V3) Thus, V3 have best performance.


²Test Report

QS 800W 205 (28H) E-bike Spoke Normal/V1 Type Hub Motor

More test report:  


²CAD Drawing

QS 800W 205 (28H) E-bike Spoke Normal/V1 Type Hub MotorQS 800W 205 (28H) E-bike Spoke Normal/V1 Type Hub Motor

Brake: PCD6*44mm for e-bike disc       

Drop-outs: 135mm for single-speed freewheel

                  150mm for 7-speed freewheel

Thread: B 1.375*24G English Thread 

Spoke Hole:  4.2mm hole suit 8G/9G/10G spoke, 3.4mm hole suit 12G/13G/14G spoke.


Tips: Please advise the Spoke size & thread model when placing order, or we would make 3.4 & 4.2mm spoke & provide English Thread as default.

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