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QSKBS72121X,130A,24-72V, MINI BRUSHLESS DC CONTROLLER for electric in-wheel hub motor

Price:US $143.00/piece
Production Period:10~12Working days

QSKBS72121X,130A,24-72V, MINI BRUSHLESS DC CONTROLLER for electric in wheel hub motor

It's special design for QS brushless motor controller for Conversion Kits, which can match with QS HUB MOTOR Rated Power 1000W.


Key Features

1). Very Easy connect

2). Can match with almost brushless DC motor

3). Soft start can be adjusted

4). Programmable by bluetooth

Notice Before Order (Producing time/Warranty/Package/Certification etc.)

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1. Generally SPEC

1. sine wave controller, programmable, with regen function                 

2. Motor Current Limit, 20 seconds: 55A. Motor Current Limit, continuous: 130A                                                               

3. Battery Voltage: 24-72v rated, max.90v

4. Thermic Probe: KTY83-122                                                                

5. Including one controller + USB convertor cable + matched plug                

6. controller size:  108mm*78mm*41mm                                         

7. net weight: 1kg                                                                          

8. waterproof IP54                                                                                     

9. default not including bluetooth, waterproof(those function are optional); CAN BUS not support





2. Kelly Controller Software Interface

Here are the clear and easy adjustment software interface.


3. QSKBS-X controller drawing

Here is drawing of our normal QSKBS-X controller, 108mm*78mm*41mm       



4. Pin Definition(TBD)


DJ7061Y-2.3-21 Pin Definition

(21) RTN:Signal return. Black

(5) 5V: 5V supply output,<40mA.Purple

(18) Hall A: Hall phase A. Yellow

(17) Hall B: Hall phase B. Dark Green

(16) Hall C: Hall phase C. Dark Blue


DJ7091Y-2.3-11 Pin Definition

(14) REV_SW: Reverse switch input. Orange

(6) RTN: Signal return or power supply return. Black

(12) FWD: Forward switch White

(11) 12V:12V Source Red

(9) Relay: Main contactor driver. Blue

(7) PWR: Controller power supply (input). Pink

(10) Alarm: To drive reverse beeper, <200mA. Yellow


DJ7091Y-2.3-21 Pin Definition

(15) Micro_SW: Throttle switch input. Gray

(3) Throttle: Throttle analog input, 0-5V. Dark Green

(1) BRK2: 12V Brake switch input or Motor temperature sensor input. Raddle.

(20) RTN: Signal return. Black

(8) Meter: Current meter, <200mA. Dark Blue

(13) BRK_SW: Brake switch input. Brown

(4) 5V: 5V supply output, <40mA. Purple

(2)BRK_AN: Brake analog input, 0-5V. Dark Gray

(22)Reservation. Green



1. All RTN pins are internally connected.

2. Kelly Ammeter positive connect to 5V power supply of controller, negative to Dark Blue wire.

3. Switch to ground is active. Open switch is inactive


Pls. contact with sales first if you don't know how to connect the controller with motor and other parts.


5. Questions before order:

1). If you want to buy the controller separately, please advise us the parameters of your matching motor?

Such as Motor Voltage, Wattage, Speed...

2). If you need any other special functions for this controller, please feel free to contact to us. Thank you!


6. Other Motor Kits and more controller models

If you are interested on more models of controller, pls. refer to below data sheet, and click the hyperlink of picture. 


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